A Birthday Staycation at The Town House Durham

When booking a last-minute birthday staycation this month, I knew straightaway that I wanted to stay in Durham! After all, Durham was where I spent three years at university and I’ve heard so many people say recently that there have some really exciting changes going on in the city centre. From speakeasy bars, to gorgeous, new, little cafes – I couldn’t wait. But where to stay?

The Town House is a beautiful Grade-II listed Georgian town house over on Old Elvet, just across the road from Durham’s renowned Elvet Bridge. I’d heard all about the bespoke, themed rooms in The Town House, as well as the garden rooms complete with hot tubs! In my eyes, The Townhouse is very different to any of the other hotels in Durham – I knew this is exactly where I wanted to celebrate my birthday.

The Townhouse Durham Exterior

We booked quite last-minute, meaning the garden rooms with the hot tubs were long gone. However, we ended up booking the Indigo Room and I really couldn’t have been happier with it. I was sceptical at first reading the TripAdvisor reviews of the hotel and about Indigo Room – a lot of them detail how ‘tired’ the room looked and that it was so small they could ‘barely fit a suitcase in’. In my experience, neither of these were true! The room was immaculate and luxurious in equal measures. And we managed to fit two large bags in with plenty of additional space!

As the name suggests, the Indigo Room is all sorts of shades of deep purple, with the fabrics used exuding luxury and comfort. The bed was the star of the show – draped with beautiful curtains, this bed reminded me of the type of four-poster beds you’d find in a grand stately home! We had a wonderful night’s sleep.

Indigo Room at The Townhouse

It’s not often you can say that the shower is a true statement piece of a hotel room. But in the middle of the Indigo Room stands a fantastic waterfall shower encased in glass, with another stunning velvet curtain around it. The shower is attached to a very smart, stylish and sizeable en-suite. I’d go back to The Town House every morning just to use that shower!

As fantastic as the room was, it was the little touches that made my stay there so special. My staycation companion had told the hotel that it was my birthday beforehand, so when we went up to the room I was met with the sight of the most delicious chocolatey cake and some strawberries, on a plate with ‘Happy Birthday’ written in chocolate! This was a wonderful surprise – one I definitely had not been expecting.

Birthday Cake at Townhouse

The bar at The Townhouse is open until after midnight, which is perfect if you’re wanting to have a romantic night in with a few glasses of prosecco and a film on the flat screen TV. You’ll never want to watch TV from anywhere but that luxurious bed after staying in Indigo Room!
Prosecco at The Town House

I thoroughly enjoyed my Durham staycation at The Townhouse and think it’s the perfect base for a weekend of exploring this beautiful North East cathedral city. If you’d like to hear anymore about the hotel or my staycation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by commenting below!

6 thoughts

  1. It was! I loved it! Oh I completely know what you mean, I really think people can be so fussy. It’s a beautiful room and lovely hotel – more than anything it’s just different to any other hotel in Durham that I know of and has got heaps of character. Thank you Sam! X


  2. I’ve never heard of this place, it looks really lovely! I sometimes wonder who on earth writes Trip Advisor reviews because sometimes they are SO far from the truth … think they’re quite often written by people who just love a whinge!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s basically just opposite Hotel Indigo! I had that same thought to be honest… not sure which Indigo Room some reviewers were staying in, but it can’t have been the same as mine!


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