An Evening Out at Spanish City

Described as ‘the North East’s most iconic venue,’ Spanish City in Whitley Bay has certainly brought a lot of attention to North Tyneside and our region in general over recent months. So, when my family and I were deciding where to go to celebrate my Grandma’s 87th birthday this month, our decision couldn’t have been easier!

Spanish City exterior

Officially opened in 1908, Spanish City has been a hub of excitement, fun and seaside life for generations now. My Grandma remembers it being everything from a ballroom, to a bingo hall, and even remembers the fairground rides and the Whitley Bay Illuminations that the people of North Tyneside came to know and love!

This impressive building has now been redeveloped, along with the Whitley Bay promenade, and now stands in its pride of place overlooking the North Sea. The exterior of the building really is breath-taking – the brilliant white dome and the grandeur of Spanish City truly is a photographer’s dream.

Not to mention the fantastic interior, which truly mesmerised us all as we got out of the lift and stepped out onto the first floor balcony to be met with the wonderful sight of the ornate white and gold dome. We were a tiny bit early for our table at Trenchers, so we decided to go and have a drink in The Champagne Bar.

Spanish City Dome

You really cannot fault the views from The Champagne Bar: sit up at one of the window-seat tables and enjoy stunning views of the Whitley Bay seafront, watching life go by at the North Tyneside coast.

I enjoyed a lovely rhubarb G&T, and whilst I had no problems with this, the other drinks we had throughout the evening showed signs of teething problems that are to be expected at a brand-new venue, but need to remedied quickly at a place of this calibre and repute! My Dad had a pint of ale that was one of two available on tap, but unfortunately it was a little bit flat. This wasn’t a huge issue at all and we forgave it considering the superb surroundings and the fact we were thoroughly enjoying our evening.

Gin and Tonic at The Champagne Bar

We headed down to the ground floor to Trenchers Fish and Chips Restaurant, which is situated directly below the famous dome. It was a really unique experience eating fish and chips in such grand surroundings – sitting in a fancy booth with a pianist playing in the middle of the room reminded me of a scene in an old-fashioned film! The service at Trencher’s was top notch and the fish and chips were truly excellent – cannot fault either. My only minor gripe would be that they didn’t have either of the two white wines I requested in stock – I settled with a glass of Riesling which tasted beautiful and went really well with the fish, but was unfortunately served slightly on the warm side.

Fish and Chips at Trenchers

Overall, we all had a fantastic evening at Spanish City and the minor hiccups/teething problems were really by-the-by. The surroundings, views, service and food were all very impressive indeed and I will most definitely be returning in the near future, perhaps to sample some of the more fine-dining options now that 1910 – Steak and Seafood is open to the public.

Have you visited Spanish City since it reopened this summer? I’d love to hear your thoughts – please feel free to leave a comment below.

Would you like more information? Visit the Spanish City website.

4 thoughts

  1. Argh warm wine?!!!! I have heard there are a few teething problems so I think we’re going to wait a while before we visit but I really can’t wait!

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    1. Yes! I really can’t fault the venue itself, the food or the friendliness of the staff. But yes, definite teething problems! I’m going to wait a few months before trying 1910, the steak and seafood place


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