Tynemouth Market – My Favourite Way to Spend a Sunday

Come rain or shine, Tynemouth Market is always an absolute delight to visit! Situated in the Victorian-inspired Tynemouth Metro Station, this market runs every weekend (both Saturdays and Sundays) and showcases some of the best street food vendors, artisans and creatives of the North East of England, as well as more car-boot style stalls. With over 150 stalls under the cover of the station, this market will have something for everyone – my past purchases range from handmade jewellery to a second-hand tea caddy!

Tynemouth Market

When I found myself in the rare position of having a free Sunday, the first thing I wanted to do was head to the coast and have a stroll around Tynemouth Market. Despite the bleak and rainy weather outside, the market was full of life and vibrancy – I had definitely made the right decision visiting on a day like today!

From arts and crafts and antiques, to vinyl records and hand-knitted tea cosies, you’ll find absolutely anything and everything amongst the waves of people and stalls at the market. One thing I love about Tynemouth Market is that there are so many vendors selling North East-inspired goods! At almost each corner you turn, there is a photograph or drawing of the Tyne Bridge or Tynemouth Longsands, or even Geordie greetings cards. As an enthusiast of all things to do with the North East, this is always a welcome sight.

So which stalls did I visit today? Well, my first purchase was at the greengrocer’s stall, where I bought some very reasonably-priced fruit and vegetables to last me for the week. Now that I’d made my sensible purchase, it was time to get into full shopping mode! Next I headed further into the station and came across a gorgeous little stall selling handmade jewellery and ‘pinheads’ – ‘Wanatang’ are Tynemouth Market regulars and I just couldn’t resist the lovely moon and stars necklace they had on sale for just £3.50. Such a bargain and really pretty.

Wanatang Jewellery

There’s really no missing the ‘Sprinkled’ stall: cupcakes in every colour and flavour you can think of draw you in as you try and walk past without giving into temptation. I decided to pick up some cupcakes for my family, in the hope that they’d share them with me too! I went for the Chocolate Orange and the Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes, which were both absolutely delicious. Very reasonably-priced at just £1.50 per cupcake too.

Sprinkled UK

By this point I was getting a little bit peckish and the variety of different street food vendors selling cuisine from all over the world was making me go weak at the knees! From homemade gnocchi, to macaroons, sausage baps, curry and rice and Greek street food, as a foodie you really are spoilt for choice.

I’d tried the chicken gyros from Acropolis Street Food when I was last at Jesmond Food Market (read my full blog post here) and it was so good, I couldn’t help but go back for more. This time, however, I went for something called ‘The Dirty Greek’, which is basically chips, topped with chicken, chilli sauce, tzatziki, grilled halloumi and Acropolis’ own secret recipe sauce! I was in absolute heaven with this dish and as I sat down to eat it, I saw many walk past with envious looks on their faces – or maybe I mistook their faces of shock when they saw how big the portion was!

Acropolis Street Food

You can really make a fantastic day out of a trip to Tynemouth Market. With stalls suited to all members of the family, it’s a great place to spend time with all your loved ones. Alternatively, if you’re like me and want to make the most of a free weekend and have some ‘me’ time, it’s a brilliant place to go and enjoy yourself.

Have you visited Tynemouth Market recently? Get in touch with the names of your favourite stalls!

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  1. I’m so happy to see this market is still going, and seemingly from strength to strength. I have a flying visit to Newcastle next weekend and am hoping to pop down to the market to pick up some North East inspired prints and home wares. I’ve lived out of Newcastle for some years but it never loses the pull of home. When its time to lay roots, I think I’ll be back….sorry that got a bit sentimental and nostalgic!

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    1. I bet you’re so excited to come back, even if it is for a flying visit! Tynemouth Market is ever popular and I’m sure you’ll see stalls that you recognise, as well as all the new and exciting ones! Let me know if you do manage to get down – would love to hear how you think it’s changed over the years x


  2. We love it! I think Simon only loves planning trips to swing by Benny’s Macaroons but I love to have a proper slow mooch and look at all the stalls!

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  3. The only thing I’d add is that if you’re a collector of books, vinyl or antiques etc, you’re best getting down early on Saturday morning. Coffee, food, arts and crafts are great anytime. But the best bric-a-brac and collectibles are gone in the first hours on a Saturday.


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