Tea Cocktails and Cake at Tealicious Tearoom

Tea cocktails, platters full of cake and the quaintest of surroundings – this pretty much sums up Tealicious Tearoom‘s fantastic new venture: Tealicious Evenings! When I went to university in Durham, I was a dedicated regular at Tealicious, and I even spent a wonderful year working there as a waitress – I loved it that much! Being invited back to the tearoom on Elvet Bridge was an absolute delight, as it was just as friendly as I remembered.

Tealicious Evenings

Tealicious Evenings provide the residents, students and visitors of Durham with the perfect after-work drink solution on a Friday night, and the ideal destination for a catch up with your friends on a Saturday night. Open between 5:30pm and 7pm on these days each week, Alison, Jenny and their lovely staff serve up the most beautiful tea-inspired cocktails and cake platters.

Tealicious are proud to offer their customers more than 20 blends of loose leaf tea – expect everything from Orange & Cinammon or Chocolate Mint, to Vanilla Earl Grey and Durham Miner’s Brew. Whilst these teas are available as we know them during the day, Tealicious have come up with ingenious ways to incorporate them into tasty and refreshing cocktails!

As soon as I saw the Chamomile Rose ‘Mar-tea-ni’ on the menu, I was mesmerised: chamomile rose tea, vodka and it’s served in an adorable floral teapot. What more could you ask for? Well, try having the cocktail glass and teapot served on a platter scattered with chamomile rose tea leaf petals and shortbreads cut into the shape of mini teapots! I just absolutely loved the attention to detail with both the flavour of the cocktail and the presentation.

Tealicious Evenings

Alex ordered the Ginger Earl Grey Cocktail which was also delicious! I especially loved the addition of the Amaretto to this drink, and the delicate orange twist garnish. When I return, I think I’ll have to order this one for myself, or perhaps their Summer Special Aperol Spritz… decisions, decisions. On second thought, because Tealicious’ Happy Hour offer gives you 2 cocktails for £12, I think I’ll have both!

I’m a huge fan of both cocktails and cake, but who would have ever thought they’d be the perfect accompaniment for each other? After my evening at Tealicious Tearoom, I’ve started telling anyone who hasn’t enjoyed a cake platter alongside cocktails is most definitely missing out! The lovely Claire brought us over a cake stand full of dainty homemade sweet treats including: flavoured shortbread, a mini Bakewell tart, blueberry and lime cake, passion cake (banana and carrot cake), a meringue filled with chocolate ganache and my person favourite, chocolate Guinness cake.

Tealicious Evenings

If I hadn’t been going out for a meal later that evening, I would have most certainly tried out Tealicious’ savoury platter, complete with local cheeses, olives, roasted red peppers, homemade sausage rolls, crackers, chutneys, cheese straws and other savoury delights.

I really can’t recommend Tealicious Evenings enough to you all – nowhere else in Durham will you find such beautiful tea cocktails, cake platters and such welcoming, accommodating staff. Head over to the Tealicious Evenings Instagram page (tealicious_evenings) and watch out for upcoming events and pictures of the most delightful cocktails and cake platter you’ll ever feast your eyes on.

Thank you very much to everyone at Tealicious for the invite!

Website: http://www.tealicioustearoom.co.uk/

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