Asian Tapas at The Buddha Lounge, Tynemouth

I had a bit of difficulty deciding where to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. We were planning on celebrating on the Saturday rather than going out on a weekday and not being able to enjoy ourselves properly (i.e. only have one or two drinks!) I didn’t fancy going into town, so when a work colleague suggested The Buddha Lounge in Tynemouth, it reminded me that I had been meaning to check it out for ages!

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth

The building that houses this Asian fusion restaurant, is an impressive, old church on Front Street in Tynemouth, sandwiched between Allard’s Lounge and the Green Ginger Shopping Arcade. Upon Instagram-stalking The Buddha Lounge before my visit, I was entranced by the interior of the restaurant which looked extremely grand and very fitting for a date night.

When we arrived, we were not disappointed! One of the first things you see as you walk into the restaurant’s bar area is a giant oriental tree adorned with twinkling fairy lights, giving the large, domed room a warm glow. Next, your eyes are drawn to an even bigger statue of the Buddha, sat upon the second-floor balcony and stretching all the way to the church roof! We grabbed a couple of cocktails and headed to our table upstairs, overlooking the rest of this truly gorgeous restaurant.

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth

We had read reviews and blog posts, such as that by North East Family Fun, about the best things to order at The Buddha Lounge. One of the main things people recommended was not ordering too much. The friendly and attentive waiting staff brought over a bowl of yummy prawn crackers with dip to munch on while we decided which Asian tapas dishes we were going to go for. We decided against the usual starter/main routine, and went straight for a selection of tapas dishes including the Steamed Pork and Prawn Dumplings, Salt and Chilli Chicken, Teriyaki Beef Skewers and Salt and Chilli Squid. We love this kind of meal, where we can pick and choose what we fancy, share the dishes and talk about which we like and which we wouldn’t order again.

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth

In this case, we loved all of the dishes! I especially enjoyed the dumplings which were full of pork, prawn and just the right amount of ginger. Alex really enjoyed the Salt and Chilli Chicken and the squid – they were perfectly spiced and crispy, and came with lovely dipping sauces. Instead of having dessert, we decided to go for another drink at the bar! I ordered a ‘Zombie’ cocktail, which came with a passion fruit shell containing a shot of booze, which the waitress told me was a staggering 70% alcohol! After this extremely boozy cocktail, it was definitely time to go home and go to bed,  but I could’ve easily stayed to hear the DJ that had just started up, as the restaurant turned into the perfect late bar and Saturday night destination.

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