Giant Yorkshires and Jakehead IPA – Sunday Lunch at The Tap & Kitchen

It has been a long time since I enjoyed a good Sunday roast in a restaurant. Too often you’re given a plate full of tough meat, frozen Yorkshire puddings, overdone veg and what my family call ‘rainbow gravy’ (if you know, you know). It was an absolute revelation to have a beautiful roast dinner last Sunday at The Tap & Kitchen at Wylam Brewery! I’ve been to many events at Wylam Brewery and enjoyed street food from guest vendors, however the food served to us last weekend trumped anything I’ve ever had there before.

Wylam Brewery November

For starter we ordered a plate of cured meats, which came with toasted sourdough, olive oil and gherkins – delicious! We had already seen the size of the Yorkshire puddings, so we decided to share this starter between the four of us. Coupled with pints of our favourite Wylam brew, Jakehead IPA, it was just enough to whet our appetites!

Wylam Starter

The star of the show was next… the main course. Two of us went for the Roast Belly of Old Spot Pork and the other two opted for the Topside of Galloway Beef. There is one phrase in particular that comes to mind when I think back to these two cuts of meat: to die for! The pork in particular was stunning, with just the right amount of fat running through the tender meat, and crackling that was salty, crisp and crunchy. The Yorkshire puddings really put Aunt Bessie’s to shame – they were as enormous as they were delicious!

Wylam Roast Square

Root vegetable mash, sweet parsnips, cavolo nero cabbage and lashings of gravy were the perfect accompaniments to two truly delicious cuts of meat. The only thing that let the side down were the roast potatoes: I am a harsh roast potato critic, and I think that these roasters could’ve been crispier on the outside. However, I do understand that achieving the perfect roast potato can be tricky given the en masse style of Sunday lunch service!

You may find it hard to believe that we still had room after all this feasting! But when it comes to food, I’m all about defying the odds and so we went for the British cheese board and the Toffee Apple Cheese Cake. We simply couldn’t pick between the two! The waiter wasn’t sure what the cheeses were, but whatever British cheeses they were, two out of three of them (especially the blue cheese) were really tasty with the crackers, chutney and pickles.

Wylam Cheese Board

On the other hand, the Toffee Apple Cheese Cake was just something else! It looked very modest when it was served, simply a cheesecake mix layered into a tumbler glass. The taste of the toffee apple compote on top of the cream cheese layer was beyond words. Think the inside of the loveliest apple pie you’ve ever tasted, mixed with velvety toffee, and spread over the top of a cheesecake. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Who can argue with a Sunday roast like this? If the thought of giant Yorkshire puddings and pints of Jakehead IPA doesn’t sell it to you, you should go to try that belly pork or toffee apple compote alone! I am so pleased I’ve found yet another dimension to Wylam Brewery that I love and can share with everyone.


Rating: *****

Pro(s): The tastiest Sunday dinner I’ve had out in a long, long time.

Con(s): Crispier roasties please! And it would’ve been nice if the waiter could’ve talked us through the cheese board. This aside, it was, as Mary Poppins would say, “practically perfect in every way.”



One thought

  1. I’ve heard so many great things about their roasts, we keep meaning to make a plan. Going to make it my mission to get there after Christmas!


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