The Return of Hadrian’s Tipi

I couldn’t quite contain my excitement when it was first announced that Hadrian’s Tipi was returning to the lovely city of Newcastle! Last year it was my favourite place to go for a cup of mulled wine and to get into the Christmas spirit. Now, it’s come back with a vengeance! Whilst the Tipi itself is just as cosy and wonderful as before, there are some fantastic new additions to the new site on Pilgrim Street. Not only can you visit Santa’s Grotto, but you can wander round a World Street Food Village, selling everything from bratwurst to Christmas flatbreads.

Hadrian's Tipi

There is something really quite romantic about Hadrian’s Tipi – it is lit by the soft glow of an open fire pit, which you can sit round and enjoy everything from Wylam Brewery ales, to steaming hot cups of fruity mulled wine. With live acoustic music acts playing at the Tipi on Tuesdays and Sundays, I’ll definitely be back to see how well this complements the atmosphere at Hadrian’s! For those of you looking for somewhere cool to start your night out, on Saturdays the Tipi welcomes some great DJs to the site. I can imagine the on-site cocktail van will be very popular on a Saturday too!

Hadrian's Tipi Drinks

I think it would be pretty much impossible to walk onto the Hadrian’s site, where the old Odeon cinema used to lie, and ignore the gorgeous mix of smells coming from the World Street Food Village. We saw some Newcastle favourites there, including Fat Hippo and The Bake One, as well as some great new additions like Fowl Play, Hatch76 and Wood & Kindle. Alex and I had planned on going for a late lunch at the Tipi, but ended staying for both lunch and tea! It really is so great that you could spend a whole day there, and even make it a family day out as kids and dogs are welcome in the Tipi until 8pm.

We were really intrigued by the menu offered by Hatch76, which centred around all things to do with duck! We went for a delicious Hoi Sin Duck Wrap, accompanied by some really spicy and ‘peanutty’ Vietnamese Fries. Having tried street food all over the world, from Camden to Mumbai, I was really impressed by the uniqueness of Hatch76 and its menu.

Hadrian's Tipi Hatch

After a few more drinks in the Tipi, we were hungry once again and headed straight for Fowl Play’s Buttermilk Chicken food van. There’s nothing like really good fried chicken when you’re in the mood for it, and Fowl Play’s chicken certainly did not disappoint. If you’re a chicken fan and looking to enjoy some chicken to rival that of KFC and other big brands, Fowl Play has just what you need. We decided upon a dish called ‘Twin Beaks’ – two pieces of fried chicken, with a buttermilk waffle, chilli butter and ‘fowl sauce’. It was so, so delicious and was made even better that you get discounted ‘Fowl Fries’ (cheese, bacon and jalapeños) when you pair the two dishes together!

Fowl Play

Hadrian’s Tipi is perfect for foodies, families, friends, party-goers and couples  – but overall it’s perfect for anyone looking to have a fantastic time and get into the festive spirit!


Overall rating: *****

Pro(s): This has become my go-to place for drinks because I just love everything about it and how well it represents this festive time of year!

Con(s): Slightly pricey but if you’re willing to pay a bit extra for that mulled wine, the atmosphere will more than make up for it.



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