Cocktails at The Laundrette

Famous for its ‘Cocktails and Carbs’ philosophy, The Laundrette has been a very welcome addition to the restaurant/bar scene in Newcastle city centre. I’ve seen so many amazing pictures and great reviews of this place over the last week or so since it opened, so I just had to try it out. Organising a catch up with a school friend has never been so easy – The Laundrette seemed like the perfect place for a few cocktails on a Saturday night!

Leon's Love Juice at The Laundrette

Although a tiny bit smaller than I was expecting (there wasn’t a huge amount of space to sit at the bar considering this place is renowned for its cocktails), the décor and atmosphere of The Laundrette were fab. It had the feel of a sort of up-market diner, where you could enjoy a meal but also start off your big night out. As soon as we arrived, I regretted not making a reservation to stay for dinner – the food looked and smelled fantastic! Everywhere we looked we saw cheesy pizzas and huge burgers – I definitely need to return to try some of their food. But this time we were just visiting for the cocktails, and what a treat they were!

To start off, we were both sold by the sound of a cocktail called ‘Leon’s Love Juice’ which was made with Absolut Vodka, Raspberry Liquer, Peach Puree, Pomegrante Juice and Pomegrante Seeds. These are some of my favourite flavours to have in cocktails and this fruity drink did not disappoint!

By the time we had finished our first cocktail we had already decided to try some of the more exciting looking drinks that other people were enjoying at the bar. We could see cocktails topped with sweets and candyfloss so of course, we had to find out their names so we could try them for ourselves! In the end we went for a ‘Raspberry Flossi’ which was made up of Raspberry Absolut, Drambuie, Limoncello, Apple, Cream and Grenadine, topped off with a huge ball of candyfloss! We also decided upon a twist on one of my favourite cocktails, called ‘Pimpin’ Pornstar’. This pimped up Pornstar Martini was presented beautifully on a board with a miniature jam jar shot of prosecco and a flaming passion fruit. The best bit had to be the white chocolate foam on top of the drink – it was delicious! These two cocktails were admittedly very sweet and dessert-like, but if you’re a cocktail fan like me then you have to try them! They’re too pretty to miss out on.

Raspberry Flossi and Pimpin Pornstar at The Laundrette

There were so many more cocktails I would’ve loved to try – even more of a reason to return at some point soon. The bar staff were attentive and efficient, and we didn’t have to wait long for a drink or to be served at any point during the evening, even when it got busier later on.  The Laundrette serves up cocktails that are innovative and exciting, but most importantly they taste great too, and I have no doubt that I’ll be back to try and make my way through the rest of the menu!


Overall rating: ****

Pro(s): Great cocktails, average prices, cool atmosphere and attentive bar staff.

Con(s): Considering The Laundrette is well-known for its cocktails, I would’ve thought there would be a larger bar area with more seating. On a Saturday night the bar area got quite congested as so many people wanted to try the fantastic cocktails on offer!

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