Violets Cafe: A Quayside Gem

One of my favourite things to do when I have a weekend off work is to go somewhere new for breakfast. It’s all well and good making your own breakfast, but for me it just tastes that much nicer when someone else makes it for me! On Saturday I decided to meet a friend for breakfast at Violets Cafe, on the Newcastle Quayside. The highly-instagrammable food served at Violets had previously caught my eye, and I expected really good things from it as I had read that the owner, Abbie Atkinson, was also the co-owner of Michelin Star restaurant, House of Tides. So, did Violets live up to my expectations?

Violets Cafe

First of all, the location of this lovely little cafe really is fantastic. Situated only a few metres from our famous Tyne Bridge, minutes away from all the main bars, restaurants and shops of Central Newcastle, it certainly ticks the box in terms of a great location. Ever since it opened, I have walked past Violets on many occasions and reminded myself to visit – it looks so pretty from the outside! Pastel paints, mosaic flooring, rustic fireplaces, fresh flowers and shabby chic decorations make this Newcastle eatery the perfect place to enjoy a coffee and sweet treat at the weekend. But how did the food match up?

Whilst my breakfast companion decided to order a Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich (apparently it tasted as good as it sounded) and a Flat White, I went for one of my favourite breakfast items: a toasted teacake smothered in butter and jam, with a pot of English Breakfast Tea. The teacake was lovely and thick but still nicely toasted; it was full of currants and dried fruit and you could really taste the warming cinnamon flavour that I think makes a teacake so great! I absolutely loved all the mismatched china and crockery too, as it really added to the cafe’s rustic charm.

Violets Breakfast

If you head over to the Instagram page for the cafe (@violetscafe), you’ll be able to see all the beautiful plates of food the talented staff dish up for breakfast and lunch. From breakfast waffles adorned with edible flowers, fresh fruit and toppings of your choice, to brunch classics like smoked salmon and scrambled egg – each dish is presented like a true work of art. Although this time I went for something very simple, I have no doubt that I’ll be back to try more of the delicious food served at Violets. In an area of town where there are a fair few chain eateries, Violets Cafe is a breath of fresh air bringing a mixture of homely baking and innovative brunches to the Newcastle Quayside.

Website: (Currently under construction!)


Rating: ****

Pro(s): I had a really lovely breakfast here and was a big fan of the décor, crockery and overall feel of Violets Cafe.

Con(s): We visited Violets on a Saturday morning and were lucky to get a table – during our breakfast we saw many people turned away because the cafe had reached maximum capacity. Make sure you plan your visit to this Quayside gem strategically!


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