A Night Out at Wylam Brewery – The ‘Like We Used To’ Social

Now that we’re all over the hangovers and the shock of checking our bank statements from last Bank Holiday weekend, we can finally look back on it fondly. I had one of the best bank holiday weekends in a long time surrounded by loved ones and friends and Wylam Brewey helped to make that happen! On the Bank Holiday Sunday we all decided to go to The ‘Like We Used To’ Social run by World Headquarters, at the Palace of Arts in Exhibition Park, Jesmond. I had seen the event advertised on Facebook and was immediately drawn in by their promise of beer, old school tunes and a night to remember!

Wylam Brewery at night

For those of you who have ever driven along the Great North Road and wondered what that huge, dome-shaped building by the Town Moor was, it’s now Wylam Brewery! Back in the day, I went to school in Jesmond and did the dreaded cross country course past the Palace of Arts every term. Thankfully, now I have some much happier memories of the Palace after some great days out and a fantastic Bank Holiday Sunday at Wylam Brewery.

Wylam Brewery is a micro brewery which offers brewery tours, has a Tap Room serving Wylam’s own brews, and holds great events such as the ‘Battle of the Burger’, ‘The Slice Wars’ and The ‘Like We Used To’ Social. My family and I had a fantastic time one sunny day this summer at the ‘Battle of the Burger’ event, where we tasted burgers from various North East vendors and enjoyed a few pints of Jakehead IPA and Hickey the Rake! The burger that won was from The Grind at No.28 in Newcastle – well worth a trip if you’ve never been before! After such a great experience at the Brewery, we had high hopes that The ‘Like We Used To’ Social would be just as much fun.

Wylam Brewery

My parents were absolutely thrilled to hear Tom Caulker, World HQ’s renowned DJ, would be spinning some floorfillers at this event, and at the social I soon realised why. The impressive Grand Hall was transformed into a dancefloor, with a mix of people as eclectic as the music choices dancing the night away. From Whitney Houston to Stevie Wonder and Moby, from Aretha to Fleetwood Mac and Jamiroquai, people of all ages were busting moves old and new in this huge venue.

There is no doubt about it, Wylam Brewery is such a cool place to hold an event and I can easily see why, if you could fill the Grand Hall, it would be somewhere unique and exciting to have a wedding or party. Not just that – the walk through Exhibition Park to the Palace of Arts is lovely, especially at dusk. Living North’s much anticipated North East Christmas Fair is moving to Exhibition Park this year and I think it will be a great success.

Exhibition Park

Ticketed events at Wylam Brewery are only going to get more popular, with good reason! They have a fab selection of beers, the venue has a huge amount of character and they hold events that appeal to such a wide audience. Personally, I can’t wait for ‘The Mexican Stand Off’ event on October 13th, or to try the roast dinner at The Tap & Kitchen that I’ve heard so much about. This place is all about having a good time and for that reason I’m confident that I will be returning again and again!

Website: http://www.wylambrewery.co.uk/

Overall rating: *****

Pro(s): Wylam Brewery exudes coolness! It’s hard not to have a good time at one of their events.

Con(s): There is not a great deal of parking close to the venue so bear this in mind when visiting. Otherwise, have a great time!


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